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Hi again, all,
please, someone knows these comands using Textedit on the mac?.
1 A command to go at start or at the end of document?.
2 A command to contine writting in a new page?, I mean, something as control enter in windows?.
3. How to search a word into the text using tex iedth?.
4. How to use ortograph tools and to avoid that He says each time "bad wirtten", how to chegange it depends on the language?.
Many thnaks.



Submitted by Tyler on Saturday, June 1, 2019

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
  1. To jump to the start or end of a document, press Command up or down arrow, up for the start, down for the end.

  2. To insert a page break, choose edit > insert > page break. I'm not sure if there's a keyboard shortcut for this out of the box, but you can add your own shortcut, as described in this guide.

  3. To search for text in a document, interact with the text body and press VO F. Type your text string and press return, and Voiceover focus should jump to it.


Hi Tyler and everyone,
many thanks for your answer. hoewver, about the secondo pint, (how to insert a break page) sorry, but I didn't understand, what is Edit key, so what keys combination shoud I do?.
about shortucuts, I suppose that to create it, it's necessary have some knowledges to programming, isnt' it?, unfortunatelly, I have no idea about it.
Many thanks again and have a nice sunday.

Submitted by Siobhan on Sunday, June 2, 2019

Hi Maria. You need to go into the edit menu. Push control, option, M that takes you into the menu bar. right Arrow over a few times, until you hear Edit. Push return. Then, down arrow to insert, push return again. Then when you hear page brake, push return. reutnr, means the same thing as enter. Hope that helps.

Submitted by María on Monday, June 3, 2019

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Goodmroning all,
many thanks for your answers.
I would have another question I really don't what I did, but, when I installated a dicctionnary in portoguese, I changed something in preferences, keyboard, and now, when I write in other language different to portuguese, although I write right, my Mac tell me each word "Bad written", I would like to change it in order to avoid it, please, someone could tell me the steeps that I should do?, if afterwards whenn I finish, I want to correct the ortographi, how shoould I do?. And if I write in differnet languages?. I think that unfortunatelly,Mac doesn't have the possibility to change the keyboard language in a fast way as Yos, I think it would be reallly great that Apple thought about it, for next updates.
Many thanks again, and have a nice day and a nice Startweek.