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Hi everyone; I have just taken the step of installing Windows 10 on my Mac using VMware. I was wondering how to access the NVDA menu as I don't seem to be able to use caps lock and I don't know what the insert key is on a macbook air. I am using a early 2014 Macbook Air with VMware 7. Any assistance would be appreciated. Is there a way to create an insert key or change the caps key so that it can be used with NVDA? Alternatively, what is another short-cut key that could be used/ Thank you.



Submitted by Joseph Westhouse on Friday, August 14, 2015

There is a Mac application called Karabiner that allows you to remap keys, and includes options for remapping caps lock to function as the VO keys, and as the screen reader modifier key in Windows. There's a podcast detailing this process from back when the app was named KeyRemapForMacbook, but I was able to use the instructions to accomplish the same goals with the current app. Here's the podcast link - I hope it helps: