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Hi all, I just did a clean install of mac os on my computer. Before doing this, I exported my library. Long story short, when I import my library back to iTunes, all the songs import, but when I press enter to play any song, a beep sounds, like when you cant press a button, or its dimmed. I cant play any of my imported songs. Thanks for any help.



Submitted by david s on Thursday, June 8, 2017


How did you import your songs into iTUnes?

I had a problem similar to this. I copied the songs into iTunes but when I selected any of them, I would also get a beep and nothing else. I then created a folder called music and copied the same songs into it. From the songs folder, I opened, not quick view, a song and it opened in iTunes and played. From that point on, any songs I Selected in iTunes played fine. I figured all the songs was in iTunes so I deleted the music folder. I then attempted to play a song in iTunes then I got an error that iTUnes could not find the song. I restored the music folder from trash and all was well again.

You might want to try that if nothing else works. BTW, this is in OSX Sierra.

HTH and good luck.