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Please would someone help me? I would like to transfer my daisy books onto my external drive using the I Mac. I have recently been using my lap top but it is no longer working. After I have put my books onto my external drive I then have to transfer them to my Victor Streme reader? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks in anticipation. Karen



Submitted by David Woodbridge on Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hi, Not quite sure what your asking as the process of copying from the Mac to the Victor stream would be the same as copying from either the Mac hard drive or an external drive. I mostly copy my daisy books on to the SD memory card that I put in the SD card reader on my Mac. Its just a process of copying via Command+C a daisy book folder to the clipboard either from my Mac hard drive o wireless Time Capsule, and then navigating to the SD card and then pasting with Command+V the daisy book folder. I tend to use the Mac desktop (VO+Shift+D) as the method of gaining access to the hard drives or memory cards (which the Mac calls Volumes). So when I stick my SD memory card in, I VO+Shift+D to the desktop, navigate with VO+Left or Right Arrow to the name of the Victor Stream memory card, and then VO+Space to open. When I've finished with a particular volume, I close it with Command+W or if I want to close all windows to keep things nice in tidy in Finder, Option+Command+W. David

Thanks David for your response. I will try this at the weekend but will let you know if it works for me. Would this way work with a disc? I presume it would. I tend to put all my books on my external drive so I can re-read them if I choose to at a later date. Thanks again David Take Care Karen

Hello David, Sorry, I did not make my problem clear. I order a lot of my books from the RNIB and I get daisy books on a CD. When I put the CD in , the files come up on the finder screen. I am unable to copy all the files and put them into a folder on my external drive. .