Hell Hunter - Anti-Nomen full version has been released!

macOS and Mac Apps

Hi Everyone! Finally Hell Hunter - Anti-Nomen is complete!
I gathered your feedbacks and did some extra improvement:
- Now you move with right and left arrow instead of TAB and shift + TAB, make sure to listen the instructions to know the commands of the game;
- Along with ctrl key now it works right ctrl as well and, if you don't like ctrl you can use enter or return instead of ctrl;
- The sound of Elyon's attack is slightly changed, the sound of when you consume a blood vial has been toned down (it was too much noisy and was a distraction before);
- Some save point will heal your life points, some others not... when that happens you will recognize it by the sound of a heartbeat
- minor fix and misc balancements;
- aside that, now the game is complete.

For who didn't play the game yet, HELL HUNTER - Anti-Nomen is a Horror RPG game, this is the story of Elyon, a vampire hunter, he's a dhampir hence the son of a vampire and a human, he hunted vampires and creatures for a long time, now he wants to succeed in his greatest hunt: Dracula, the lord of darkness.
The story is set in Transylvania, in our days: technology like smartphones already exist, to be precise, in this modern society creatures of the night exist and people is not aware of that, some of the creatures even live among humans, in disguise. Elyon hunts them far from the eyes of common humans and travels along darkest places during his personal mission.

The dynamic music and ambience of the game, combined to the horror gimmicks will make you enter inside the mood of the game, you'll fight many types of enemies with different behaviors among them. Aside the main story, the game has secret quests and superbosses.

Thanks to all people who played the demo and/or wrote in my topics so far, you helped a lot with your feedbacks!

The game is now purchasable on audiogame.store for Windows (64 bit) and Mac OS X:


If you have any question, or want to share you experience or anything else, please write here and I'll try to answer as soon as possible!



Submitted by Tenkarider on Friday, October 22, 2021

Hello, it's been a while! I have some news for you: first of all i have made an update for Hell Hunter for PC and Mac
Link to the update: (Hell Hunter 1.2)
https://www.audiogame.store/en/shop/hel … nti-nomen/
I gathered all the feedbacks and fixed some stuff, but here's the changelog:
1) I added accessibilty settings for partial deafness issues:
- Extra option in the inventory (battle background volume settings) to tone down the most noisy background musics in
battle, default volume is 100%, you can set it to 70%, 40%, 10% and eventually set it back to 100%
- Extra option in the inventory (alert sound on quiet attacks) to activate/deactivate an extra alert sound (the same used for deadly attacks) for the attacks which are hard to hear.
To be precise 4 battle background music and 6 specific monsters are involved with those options, so they won't work in the
other battles, but they shouldn't be necessary elsewhere. Those options can be selected only from the inventory and they
are deactivated by default: when activated, those options makes those battles easier (especially the second one), so
unless you really need them for deafness issues or you get stuck, i'd suggest you to not use them, since that's the intended difficulty of the game. By they way those options can be activated at the same time as well.
2) Generic fixes to map and battle sounds
3) Minor fixes to UI
4) Minor fixes to input buttons
5) Fixed a bug who made disappear some hotspot (optional dialogues), now all the dialogues of the game are reachable
6) Fixed 2 important dialogues in the late game in which the sound effect occured twice and with different timing
7) Added the heartbeat sound effect when enemies drop an item and/or you level up
8) Moved hotspots inside the Caves of the Abyss, in order to travel inside them without fighting way more than
necessary, also some of those monsters now have a chance to not appear for the same reason.
9) many minor balancements to enemies
10) balanced in part or in a significant way optional monsters and secret bosses, in particular the one which was
supposed to be the strongest secret boss of the game: now it definitely is the case and resembles the strength which
i intended to give to it since the first release.
Now The prisoner is tremendous...
End of spoiler
Last but not least! There's another big reason for this update: you can expect sooner than later the mobile release for
Hell Hunter: Anti-Nomen, Stay tuned...