Hell Hunter - Anti-Nomen: demo release

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Hi there!
I'm Giovanni Debidda (aka Tenkarider), I'm a new dev of Audiogames.it, HELL HUNTER - Anti-Nomen is the audiogame I'm working at, and it's my first game/audiogame I made.
The demo is completed and I'd like to release it, I hope to receive some feed from you guys and some advice as well, so I can improve the complete version of the game.
HELL HUNTER - Anti-Nomen is a Horror RPG game, the story is about Elyon, a vampire hunter, he's a dhampir, which means the son of a vampire and a human, he slain vampires and creatures for years, now he's going to accomplish his greatest hunt: Dracula, the lord of darkness.
The story takes place in Transylvania, in our days: smartphones and technology are a thing, in other words, in nowadays society the creatures of the night exist and mankind can't even imagine it, they even live among people, in disguise.
Elyon takes care of them in secret and travels along scariest places during his hunts.
Prepare to visit many dangerous places and face creepy situations, the creatures of the night will be fought in a real time battle system: monsters can be of many types, heavy and strong, some can be fast, there's not an only way to fight the enemies, attacks will be used in many cases but some enemies will be defeated in a more effective way by keep dodging their barrages. You'll see different behaviors among enemies and the strongest ones will attack you with their deadly attacks, they are powerful attacks among their normal ones, But a true hunter can figure out what kind of monster they are fighting from the information you get about them both in map and in battle, and then he chooses the most proper way to defeat them.
Avoid be reckless while attacking, most of the times it won't be very effective and actually could backfire you, fighting in a wise way will reward you: a hunter is patient and always knows when it's the time to act.

The demo for Windows (64 bit) and Mac is available now for free on the audiogames.it website:

The whole game is already implemented and built, some extra time is required to me to finish the other music and sound effects, then I'll need some extra programming to add the other features of the game: the demo just a part of the game, you can definitely expect new features in the full version of HELL HUNTER - Anti-Nomen!
In any case it's possible to change something, during the process, for the sake of extra improvement... so I'd love to hear what you think about: sounds, gimmicks, enemies, difficulty, or anything else! I'll do my best to reply to your questions as fast as possible.

In any case thank you for your time and I hope you'll enjoy the game and its mood!



Submitted by mistermouse on Saturday, February 13, 2021


I installed the app, however Mac OS big sur doesn't allow me to open the app because the author cannot be verified. Any ways around this?


Submitted by Tenkarider on Saturday, February 13, 2021

Hi mistermouse! Try to follow those steps:

- Go to "finder" and look for the app of Hell Hunter
- Click on the icon while pressing on cmd/ctrl, then choose "open" on the menu
- Click on "open"
Now on the app will always open with two clicks, as normal apps.

I hope this helps you, let me know if that works. Please enjoy Hell Hunter!

Submitted by Tenkarider on Thursday, March 4, 2021

Hello everyone! So the update to the demo of HELL HUNTER: Anti-Nomen is ready, I gathered all the suggestions the players gave me with the first release of the demo and improved the game as much as possible, so thanks a lot for your feedback!

I'll list the changelog below:
1) Now you can skip kinda anything, namely all dialogues, cutscenes, enter room descriptions and the battle reward speech
2) I removed all the redundant voices from where they weren't necessary, so the infamous "press tab to move" is banished, all the battle quotes which are not essential don't exist anymore, so the player can focus on sound effects and music. Since the attacks won't be anymore announced by the voice, now the battles might become harder.
3) The deadly attack gimmick now it gets explained when you fight the dragon, now it's quite more clear when it happens and you hear a special sound effect when the deadly attack starts
4) All the generic instructions and some gimmick in general has been updated, so please don't skip their explaination
5) I removed from all the sound files of the names of the interactive elements in the maps that gap of half second even an entire one! Now moving with Tab should be faster
6) I managed to implement the menu both for the main menu and the inventory! Now, rather than a pile of voice text, each time you open those screens, you can select among the options with left/right arrows and chose them with ctrl: you'll hear only the information you want to know, In the inventory menu I added the options that allow you to know about the required exp for the next level up, the instructions of the game and also a new option which allows you to know your game progression, expressed in percentage
7) You don't get slowed down for 1 second anymore when you move with tab, while you have to escape from the golem
8) Some battle sound effect was stopped as soon as a new sound effect would kick in, to avoid overlap. Now that won't happen anymore in most of the cases, so the battle should be more enjoyable now
9) Many others minor fixes and balancements for battles.

I'd like you try the new version of the demo to check if/how the game improves, also It would help me to know what do you think about the difficulty of battles, after this update... how many blood vials you manage to spare along the way? Can you handle the bosses? In the new version the dodge type monsters have been strengthened, especially two among them should result way more threatening, they are the Man eater roots and the Zombie crows.

For who didn't play the game yet, HELL HUNTER - Anti-Nomen is a Horror RPG game, this is the story of Elyon, a vampire hunter, he's a dhampir hence the son of a vampire and a human, he hunted vampires and creatures for a long time, now he wants to succeed in his greatest hunt: Dracula, the lord of darkness.
The story is set in Transylvania, in our days: technology like smartphones already exist, to be precise, in this modern society creatures of the night exist and people is not aware of that, some of the creatures even live among humans, in disguise. Elyon hunts them far from the eyes of common humans and travels along darkest places during his personal mission.

The demo for Windows (64 bit) and Mac is available now for free on the audiogames.it website:
Check the first post for the link to the demo!

I will apreciate any new feedback, this is also one last chance to make some other improvement before the release of the full version of the game, which will happen this month!

Submitted by ming on Thursday, March 4, 2021

I will buy it when it release

Submitted by Tenkarider on Thursday, March 4, 2021

Hello ming! Thanks for the support!