HDTracks and accessibility

macOS and Mac Apps

I am an avid music fan and purchase a good deal of content. I have a good audio system, so high resolution (better than CD quality) does improve sound quality. I'm using a MacBook Air with the latest OS.
For several years, I have downloaded music from HDTracks, one of the most comprehensive music download sites. Until the recent release of their website, accessibility worked very well with VoiceOver. Each album was given a heading level, the buttons to review more detailed information were all well labeled and functional, the search function was fully accessible and results were displayed in a way allowing easy VoiceOver review.
Now, very sadly, they have "updated" their site. Unfortunately, I find the site almost completely unusable. I contacted their customer service and emailed several times with a very thoughtful rep. He agreed that accessibility is very important and forwarded my concerns to the web development team. This hasn't achieved any noticeable results. In our final email he told me "please understand that we are a very small team and there are a number of other items to be addressed at this time. I cannot guarantee that changes in this regard will be possible given the constraints. But I did forward your correspondence to our web developers and discussed it with a colleague."
My questions for this most helpful group:
Are there others who have used HDTracks and, if so, do you agree about the new site's lack of accessibility?
If you have found any solutions, other than sighted help (which I could use, but will not do in support of a site that isn't accessible) I would appreciate knowing how you are navigating the site.
Finally, if others agree, please contact their customer service team. Maybe more polite requests will make a difference.