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So I make funny and poetic Twitter bots and lately I have been adding pictures to the tweets. I would like to have some way of getting basic descriptions for the pictures, so I have at least some confidence that the pictures are of what I think they are. The only thing is, for technical reasons due to how my bots work, I have been using pictures I find on twitter. I have no idea how I would run such pictures through any of the IOS apps that describe pictures, because I do not believe you can import from Twitter with these apps. Also, when I tweet the pictures, I am just taking a special link that Twitter creates for every uploaded picture, I'm never doing anything with the picture files themselves. In other words, I search for pictures on twitter, copy the special link from a tweet that seems promising, and then paste that link in my bot to be added to future tweets. I'm not sure how I would save each of these pictures to my phone and then run them through an app, and I would really really rather not have to do such a tedious process.

A while ago I remember hearing about a twitter bot that you could tweet pictures at and it would try and describe the pictures with AI. Does anyone know of a twitter account like this? Does anyone know of a website that I could upload a picture to from the desktop and get a description?

I would love to hear any suggestions for my problem. By the way, if anyone is interested my Twitter bot is @QuotingAI , you can find it at here.



Submitted by Tree on Thursday, March 1, 2018

I have figured out that you can, in fact, open pictures in bespecular from the IOS Twitterific app; I still would like to know of any ways I can get any picture descriptions on the desktop, since having to do anything with IOS negatively impacts the efficiency of my workflow.

Submitted by Shelby Craig on Thursday, March 1, 2018

If you are using a Mac, you could send the pictures to your phone via AirDrop. Then you could import the pictures on your phone into see AI. To do this, all you have to do is find the photo on your phone, make sure that recognize with seeing AI is on, and press the button.