Fury Driver: races in a city full of crime (Demo) (Feedback appreciated)

macOS and Mac Apps

I'm an audiogames.it dev and I'm working on my first full videogame: it's an explorative/adventure audiogame with racing minigames called “Fury Driver”.
It tells the story of Vergil, an undercover cop tasked with the mission to bring to justice the mysterious Mr. Sin, the biggest mob boss in all of Moon City.
The story is set in America in modern times, and involves a fair amount of car chases and races! The plan to uncover Sin's identity involves climbing up the ranks of the Moonwalks, clandestine car races that he organizes and profits from.

The demo for Windows (64 bit) and Mac is available now for free on the audiogames.it website:

The full game is mostly done, but it's not 100% finalized yet and there's room for changes and improvements.
I'm making this post to ask you to test the demo and provide any kind of feedback – things like: if you liked the demo or not, if the audios & voicelines were confusing, if you got lost, and if you found the racing minigame functional and fun.
If you have any suggestions I'd be very interested in reading them - I don't have visual impairments so some of my design decisions might not be the best. I will make changes to the game according to your advices.
I'll check this post about once a day and try to answer your questions.



Submitted by roman on Friday, October 30, 2020

Hello. It sounds very nice. I will dafinetlly give it a shot.

Submitted by Valkyrie on Friday, October 30, 2020

Glad you enjoyed the game. I don't know if it's possible to get additional testers, we already have some contacts...