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This has been an issue since it came out, under all 3 version of OS10, and on 3 machines I was able to test it on. The things would get hot on the bottom, and battery would go down quickly. There was no apparent reason for it, would happen at random times when Change Reaction was running. Finally getting curious, I ran activity monitor on the side to see what I could sniff out. What I found is that would use a high percentage of one core, usually to the tune of about 40% or so. This was consistent on all OS10 versions; 10.6 through 10.8, and on 3 mac book pros. Anyone else seeing this?



Submitted by blusword on Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hello there,
Just installed the latest iMac update. Went to play change reaction and now encountering issues with things such as the amount of money on the board and highest score and words being chopped off at the end of the game. Timer for game starts fast while amounts are spoken. Looks like something got busted some place. Not even sure how to contact the developer to let them know about this. If anyone can contact them if they have the game it would be appreciated.
Wonder if silver dollar acts weird too...

Submitted by Siobhan on Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hi. I used to play silver dollar, the slot saloon game and it was awesome until I noticed my fan would go nuts. Hopefully they update that and other games come out. Would love to see antoher good one like chillingham was back in the day.

I hear you there. I didn't have any fan issues with my iMac.
I was so bummed that there was no follow up to Chillingham. They left it as a really bad cliff hanger.
The game play was great in that game. The other game grizzly gulch was cool too.
Hope Draconus fixes the issue with the games currently out and releases the pinball pack games for iMac. They were so much fun. Loved the haunted house and the one at grand pops house as well as the baseball one. Oh, can't forget about pack man too.

Submitted by blusword on Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hi there,
Has anyone else tried writing the help desk for Change reaction creators?
Did it 2 times and no response to any of my emails. What a waste...
Leaves me with the impression they don't care about any customers from past or future. They don't seem to want to be bothered fixing the issue with Change reaction or silver dollar.
too bad they have some really great games that we may never be able to play on the iMac.

Sad face disappointed in them to say the least. Sad face.

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