formatting in Keynote presentations

macOS and Mac Apps

Hi Everyone,
I am trying to create a keynote presentation. If I press shift down arrow while on a text box but not inside it, it moves down 10 points. If I'm inside the box and only want to select part of the slide, it makes format changes on the whole slide. For example, I have one line with a word, and I want to have a bullet point definition under it, but I don't want the word to be bulleted. I shift down arrow to select only the line with the definition, stop interacting with the text box, stop interacting with the slide layout area, and go to the formatter. I choose my text bullets, font, ETC. and update the slide before returning to the slide layout area. When I vo-space on the body text field, it says my whole slide has been bulleted and had the font changed.
Is there another way to only change formatting for the lines I select and not the whole body slide area?