Flash player won't work with youtube, seems to everywhere else.

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Hello all. I was about to play a clip on youtube, except the flash doesn't seem to want to work. I've checked and I think i have the latest version of everything. It suddenly started doing this. Has anyone else has this? Using mountain lion, latest updates and a Macbook pro. Unless I just wait a day and it fixes itself. ;)



Submitted by Daniel on Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hi, I too am experiencing this issue with youtube videos. 1st thing I did was to update Flash Player. Also, updated to latest version of Mountain Lion which I believe was a sublamential update. Unfortunatly still the same results that's to say I go to play any video and it lituarly won't provide me with any sound. I can't see so being able to tell even if the video is playing I wouldn't know. However, I'm comfident that everything on my system is up to date. Mainly Safari and flash player plus an ML update for good messur. Would like to know what's going on too. :(

It's a bit annoying. I swear this happened after I installed the mountain lion update. i'm not sure though. everything else is up tod ate, though. I just want my youtube back but I'm not desperate enough to have the ap. ;)

Sometime last night, adobe flash player was hacked and thousands of credit cards were stolen so I hear. I hope that adobe will fix this. In the mean time no youtube for the flash or html5 veriversions. You might want to try mac tubes on osx or youplayer with iOS phones. Good luck.