ffm files and Fission

macOS and Mac Apps

I tried to convert some .ffm files to .mp3 with Fission and it would not let me add the files. Anyone know of any apps that convert .ffm files? Thank you.



Submitted by Jessica Brown on Friday, November 7, 2014

Hi. Thank you. That worked. Can you please contact me privately? I have some other questions for you. My email address is jessicabrown531@gmail.com. Thank you.

Submitted by Izzie G on Friday, November 7, 2014

Wow, thank you guys. I've been looking for a converter that actually works with voiceover for almost a year now, since the previous one I had went from being somewhat accessible to not at all. This one works, all be it a little strangely, but it still works none the less. So thank you. Its funny, I was actually about to post and ask people if they new of any workable audio file converters, so this saved me some time. I'll mess about with the settings since my conversion from aiff to mp3 yielded some muddyish rsults. Again, thank you guys.