fantastical issues with osx 10.11.4

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The following is a post from the fantastical osx app thread. It lists my comments.. Can anyone shed some lite onto this?

I'm liking the interface but the view is a bit cluttered. Why for example are there 2 calendar views and the pop ups that appear after the show reminders check box, or maybe it's before. I read the help on the website but am still a bit lost on some of the functions. For example you have to leave the app open in order to receive push notifications. I'm surprised they have not come up with a helper that will do that for you like the real osx calendar. Also, when trying to edit an event sometimes hitting command I does not show me the info, in fact it does nothing and focus is on the wrong event entirely. It takes sometimes 3 restarts of the app in order for accessibility and use with voiceover to even work properly. What's going on here?