Facebook site, emoji difficulties

macOS and Mac Apps

Hi all. Using safari with the main site, I found something strange when using emoji. for starters, they have it half right. When you select emoji, there are headings to navigate by different categories, some emoji apple don't even have. However two problems happen. First, when selecting an emoji, it' seems to be placed at the beginning of the text, not the end. However the bigger problem is when i'm in the "web dialog", how on Earth do I get out? I finally had to interact and nav right to the "Post button. Of course, I now figured i never used form controls to see if that'd do it. anyone else use things like that on the main site? I know a lot of you like the mobile site. It makes me kind of crazy. I find it more work to post from there, to do what you need than just using the app. Be interested to know what you all think.