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Hi All. I created an Evernote account online and signed in to the apps on iPhone and iPad no problem. However I am having trouble signing in to the Mac app. On opening the Mac app I am presented with a window with text fields for email address, username and password, but these only seem to be for creating a new account. There is a Register button, but no button or option that I can find for signing in to an existing account. There are also a lot of unlabelled buttons. If I enter my account details and press the Register button to see if that'll work, it doesn't seem to go anywhere. Can anyone help? Many thanks.



hi, sorry but i am afraid there is no workaround on this. I already wrote to evernote team, still before 5.x was released they said they would solve it but I found no solution the only one is to have a sighted person to help for login very, very annoying try to contact evernote support and hope they answer - i already did it

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