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Hi all. I'm a big fan of the replacement of emoji for words when I'm typing on my iPhone. For instance if I wrote :p it would say "Tongue sticking out", but that would be an emoji, if that description makes any sense. Anyway on the mac, this behavior isn't done, I'm curious on a couple of things. First, is this possible and I am missing something? I find the interface of the emjoi window to be clunky and not as good as it could be. If I had my choice, I'd consider just a picker menu for moth mac and phone, so you just wizzed down the list, tapped, done. Oh and because the categories are so many, I'd still have the radio buttons so you'd have the picker ofr that cateogry. But I digress. Second, if this is not possible ont he Mac which I don't think it is, would anyone be interested in something like that? I just find by the time i hit Voice Over space to put the emoji in, I have to go right back to the search field, arrow aorund, and find another one, click, repeat process. Hope everyone has a safe holiday seaon.



Submitted by Earth on Monday, December 18, 2017

when I type :) on the mac, it give me a smiley face. is that what you meant? try type :) and see if it will give you smiley face on your mac or not because it does on mine. I think it works the same way on the mac just have to know the right trigger.

Submitted by Seanoevil on Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Hi Siobhan,

The auto correct for emoji works exactly as you describe in Messages on the Mac. I just tested this by opening a new message and in the text box typing :p and it autocorrected to an emoji.
Unfortunately, I don't use a lot of emoji, so I am not sure whether this is system wide or confined to certain Apps such as messages. The fact that the :p in this reply has not auto corrected to an emoji leads me to think it may be App specific.