Editing weather widget

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I swear on my life, I've never found something so confusing!

I'm in Big Sur 11.2.3, and I'm trying with absolutely no success whatsoever to edit this blasted weather widget in the widgets area of the notifications section. So, I hit VO+O, interact with the widgets area, VO+right arrow to the weather widget, and have tried practically everhthing. I've done VO+Space, nothing. VO+shift+M nothing. Routed the mouse with VO+Command+F5 then control clicking with my trackpad, routing the mouse with VO+Command+F5 then clicking my trackpad with two fingers as an article online I read suggested... That last method kind of sort of worked, as I did get a menu where I could then go to edit widget, but past that point, the screen with Voiceover gets really really really wonky. So, how in the name of Jesus are you supposed to do this? As much as Apple commits to accessibility, boy, they really dropped a douce on this one, unless there's something very unobvious that I'm missing here.



Submitted by Christopher on Sunday, April 25, 2021

Before anyone suggests it, I forgot: yes, I have tried on the widget to do VO+Command+Space for actions, and that doesn't work either.

Submitted by Mara on Saturday, July 31, 2021

I'ver tried everything too. but can't get the location to change. somebody help?