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Good afternoon. I was trying to download the programs Louis and read out loud to read files from Bookshare. How long does it usually take to download a program on the Mac? Do I need to go to the downloads window and specify where the program is placed? Is there a way to have VoiceOver announce the progress of downloads? Thank you.



Submitted by Fleurppel on Wednesday, January 1, 2014

If you wish to see the progress of downloads, press Command+Option+L in the Safari window, find and interact with the list table, find and interact with the download and navigate until you find the progress indicator. Once the program is downloaded, it goes in the downloads folder, and how you go about moving it to a more permanent location all depends on how it's packaged.

Submitted by mehgcap on Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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Downloads, by default, are stored in your downloads folder. To view the progress of a download, hit cmd-option-l in Safari. Vo-left or right to the table, interact, then find the group of the item you are downloading and interact again. If the download is still in progress, you will see that. If not, you will see the size and a button to view the download in Finder.

Focus on the item in Finder and hit cmd-o. If it is a zip file, OSX will automatically unzip it. If the zip file contains just one file or folder, that item will appear and focus will jump to it. If it contains multiple items, a new folder will be created for them and, again, focus will jump to it. If you downloaded a .app file, though, there is no need to do anything to it except drop it in your applications folder if you want to.

Submitted by Lakshmi on Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hai, This might sound a bit silly and I am sure I am overlooking some basic instruction, but being a first-time user of MAC, I don't know how to download files from Safari. Not just programmes, but any files. I pressed option+return and VO+space but nothing happens. Can anyone help with instructions?