Down-arrow Key Not Working in lists

macOS and Mac Apps

Hi, all. i'm using Catalina on a Mac Mini. I can use the up-arrow key to move up in a list, but the down-arrow key doesn't work. I even mapped a Braille command on my braille display to the down-arrow key and it doesn't work, either. I can use it normally while navigating text. I switched off quick-nav. I can work around it in several ways, usually with quick-nav in the navigation setting. But I'd like to solve this issue if I can. I've found it happens in Finder and Mail so far. TIA!



Submitted by Teresa on Friday, April 17, 2020

That was very strange. Somehow I accidentally assigned the arrow key to open the window-control drawer. I took that out and everything is working normally again. Come to think about it, I do remember the key making window controls available when I least wanted to. I went through every single keyboard shortcut listed. LOL So the upshot is: be very careful when exploring that area, and don't inadvertently change a key assignment.