Does this behavior only effect me?

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Hi all. In safari, the tab key doesn't always move to the next highlighted item, edit field, link, etc. Does this happen to anyone else? using latest versions of everything, and this once in a while behavior makes me nuts. ;) btw, I can fix it, by closing then opening up Safari again, but this doesn't always happen. Thanks for any one who agrees this is weird and kind of annoying.



Submitted by Cliff on Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Yupp, I'm in! :) Same thing here! Very annoying! Have also noticed that sometimes left and right arrow keys to turn on and off quicknav doesn't work either, and I suspect that this is when the tab key stops working too... But a reinstall of the OS seems to fix it for me each time this happens! Just kidding! ;) I also just restart safari, and everythings back to normal again! Lets all hope for some great safari improvements in Mavericks! :) All the best! Cliff

I have done a podcast on what is probably one of the most glaring Safari bugs in OS 10.8.4… The lack of automatic interaction with webpages… But let me just say that I have heard from a very reliable source… Who may or may not have had first-hand experience… Safari is running much smoother with voiceover in OS 10 Mavericks. That is all.

Hi Greg! I've heard your podcast, and I truelly appreciated the workarounds you presented there! It's not perfect, but it helps a great deal in the meantime while waiting for a potential fix in Mavericks! :) I must also mention that I'm aware of your comment on my own post about this topic, and I'm sorry that I haven't found the time to reply yet... But it feels very good to know that this isn't something that only I'm seeing. That was the feeling I got after repporting this issue to apple... Almost felt like they didn't believe me on this one, but hopefully they're aware of the problem now! :) Guess we have something to look forward to then... TC

Hi Cliff, No problem about not responding to my comment on your other post. Life happens. You may already know this, but Apple is most definitely aware of this accessibility issue... at the end of July/the beginning of August I spend a few weeks going back and fourth with apple accessibility and they finally admitted that this was indeed a bug and even sent me a copy of the report that they filed about it. Thanks a lot for listening to my podcast. Be well, Greg