Does anyone have any strategies for Change Reaction?

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Hi guys, Does anyone have a tried-and-true strategy that works for Change Reaction classic? For some reason, my stacks just keep getting higher and I can never manage to clear the board. What seems to work well for you? Right now I'm just sticking coins on other coins and, if I don't have a coin that matches my coin in hand, sticking it on one of the coins that I have multiples of. Does this seem to be the best option? Thanks for the pointers! Megan



Submitted by blusword on Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hello there,
My highest score is $208 and some cents. Part is probably luck. Another part is being able to recall where things are as they explode. The other part I found is if you drop the coin just move to the next thing. Say if it is a quarter you drop it and a dine comes up then go to where the dime is. The less you go from the far left to the far right the less time passes while playing the game. Hope that helps give you some ideas.
You might have to wait until the developer fixes the issue with the game if you upgraded to the latest iMac update.