Doc: Can't Make Menu Pop Up

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I don't know what's causing this. For instance, I am unsure if it happened before I updated to Big Sur, so I don't want to blame that. I may have changed a setting somewhere. I'm still doing some learning about using Mac. When I am in the Doc, I hit VO+SHIFT+M, but the menu to work with Doc items sounds like it opens, but VoiceOver suddenly lands on the Desktop. As far as I can tell, the Doc is the only place I don't get this menu to come up. For instance, I can make it come up in Finder when I work with files and see those options.

If anyone has something to try to fix this, I'd be grateful.





Submitted by Tyler on Monday, February 15, 2021

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

This is a known bug in Big Sur. The only workaround is to route the mouse pointer to an app in the dock with VO-Command-F5, or VO-Function-5 if you're using a Mac with a Touch Bar, and clicking the mouse while holding down the Control key.