distinguishing text attributes in VoiceOver

macOS and Mac Apps

I apologize if this topic has already been covered, but I couldn't find anything about it on here.
I would like to know about text attributes when editing something like an essay for school or an essay I get from one of my classmates to peer review. However, I don't like the way VO distinguishes them.
If I am checking my essay to make sure that the titles of the sources I used are in italics, if I have VO set to speak attributes, it will say "Italic" before the text in italics, and after it switches back to plain font, VO will say "plain." I find this distracting and hard to follow.
However, if I have VO set to play a tone when it comes across something with different attributes, it is still not helpful. I have tested it with italics and bold, and the tone is the same. Although it is less distracting, how would I know which attribute it is referring to?
I know that with JAWS, you could set it up so that certain text attributes would be read in a different voice, and it would actually read the text in that voice. You could have JAWS read text in italics in one voice and bolded text in another.
Is this possible with VO?
Hope this made sense.