discord keyboard shortcuts and text to speech for incoming messages?

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Hi everyone hope you're doing well and staying safe happy New Year and hope you all enjoyed the Christmas and New Year celebrations. I'm currently using Discord on macOS Big Sur with limited success and I have a few questions.
Firstly are there specific keyboard shortcuts to take me to different areas of the app for example direct messages and my unread mentions.
Secondly is there anyway to have incoming messages read out via text to speech I don't think this functionality is available natively in Discord and the growl notification system has now been discontinued is there any way to do this?



Submitted by Minionslayer on Saturday, February 19, 2022

You can press Cmd+Shift to bring up a complete list of keyboard shortcuts, but to directly answer your questions:
The easiest way (since there's no native shortcut to jump focus back to the DM list) would be to set a hotspot to the list. Remember that it only shows up in the landing page, so press Cmd+1 to jump to that. You can also press subsequent numbers to jump to appropriate numbered items in your servers tree.
Unread DMs and mentions show up first thing in the tree, in order of recents.
You can also access a history of mentions in your inbox (Cmd+I)
Regarding incoming messages being read out by TTS, I can't speak for MacOS specifically but on Windows, there's a feature to do just that. Go to User Preferences>Notifications>TEXT-TO-SPEECH NOTIFICATIONS and enable from there. I'm assuming that, if this is even a feature on MacOS at all, this will respect the current TTS settings.

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