Dictated text being put twice using Safari.

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hey all,
I have been having a very interesting problem for a while now using Mojave.
Essentially when dictating especially in Safari, on random occasions, what you dictate is actually put in twice.
Here is an example.
if i put something like, need to find restaurants in my area, dictate will do this, need to find restaurants in my areaneed to find restaurants in my area.
Occasionally, it will only do it with a fragment like so.
need to find restaurantsneed to find in my area.
This is extremely aggravating especially when you are dealing with say putting comments on a Facebook post.
I have reported the problem to Apple and have heard nothing back.
The difficulty is that the problem is also random, you cannot faithfully reproduce it every time.
Has anyone else had this problem? I am having to use TextEdit for comment posting at the moment.
I have tried everything, reformatting the system, turning off dictation and removing and reinstalling everything, even resetting Safari and still nothing.