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Hi Everyone. I wanted to ask if anyone knew of an accessible Bible Study app for Mac? I would really like something that would allow me to use features like highlighting, bookmarking, taking notes, using cross references, using parallel view with another translation or commentary, etc. I’ve tried many different apps on my iPhone and iPad, and I haven’t been able to find one that makes all of these things accessible and useable with VoiceOver. I would love it if I could find and app that I could use on both Mac and ios, even if some of the features weren’t usable across both platforms. I’m just looking for the most usable experience I can get.
Also, if someone knows of an app that is very accessible on the Windows side that would also sync to ios, I would consider that as well.
Thanks so much for any suggestions!



Submitted by Daniel Hawkins on Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Check out JW Library. It is very much accessible. The highlight part does not work. You can get it on IOS, Android, mac on N1 based and Windows. But the Windows version is not that great. It has at least 5 different translations of the Bible and all the research materials you will need. Enjoy!

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