Demo available for Blind Quest - The Frost Demon

macOS and Mac Apps

Hello fellow adventurers, the demo of Blind Quest – The Frost Demon is available!

Follow the link: … demo-copy/

I’m Manuele, an dev and I’m here to tell some news about Blind Quest!

I’m kinda new in the business, but I love storytelling and fantasy worlds, so I’m really happy that now all of you can try this game that I helped to make.

This second chapter is a standalone story from the previous game: you can jump in quickly in the action to guide Nathan in his quest. No needs to know his past: just go straight to the Ivy Queen and help her kingdom.

The Ivy Kingdom is bigger than the reign of Reldia and it can be explored freely: there are a right order to complete your quest, but everyone can choose what the right order is!
I’ve been lost in my first run of the game different times... and I liked it: a mercenary that explore a new land for the first time should find too much strong enemies, dead ends and feeling lost sometimes.
I thought that find the right road to the end in this way should be more sweet.

We also have optimized the combat system: now it’s more hectic and let's face it, the older version didn't appeal to many!
It happens sometimes that we create some contents and we aren’t sure about how good they are. Everyone has his own opinions in the team, something that works for me couldn't work for the writer, or the programmer, so we really need the opinions of our players to understand what need an improvement and what is right on point!
We’re trying to listen to everybody and improve the game as best we can, so we will be happy to hear from you about what you like or don't like.

In the demo you will try the new Inventory system and pause menu.
Now the good old health potions will have some companions in Nathan’s bag!
Checking items in the inventory will help to have some more information about the lore or what’s the next task.

Working during the lockdown wasn’t easy. It's surely better work side by side with your colleagues but we did our best to fight all together, all far away.
Have the chance to put my stamp on this game was surely awesome.

I like this game for sure and I hope you will like it too!