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Hi all! I wonder if anybody has had any experience with CrossOver for mac. I have only 1 windows app that I really use and I've heard that its new release works with CrossOver. I've never used CrossOver and know nothing about it. Will it require my windows screenreader? If not, is it accessible with VoiceOver? Just wondered if anybody had experience with it. Thanks, Jim



Submitted by Piotr Machacz on Sunday, October 27, 2013

Crossover is nothing more than a mac port of wine, with an interface and a few scripts to automate installing some commonly used Windows apps. You can get pretty much the same thing, maybe even with a simpler interface, with Wine bottler. As for Wine itself, the biggest problem is that the apps you run in it obviously can't be accessed by VO, and you can't run a windows screen reader inside it. So the only thing you could really use it for is self voicing Windows games... and even that has issues, the biggest being very laggy sound, and the second being not having any text to speech, so anything using SAPI is out. Uou're much better off just running a VM, because you can get a screen reader going, and also can tweak the sound where the response is almost instant.