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Hi all! Has anyone had any luck creating business cards with pages or any other app for that matter? If so, could you pass along any info that would help me. I have a box of blank business cards and a good quality printer. I'd like to print my own cards whenever I need them. If anybody has done this I'd appreciate any info. I look at the business card template in pages and can't seem to figure out where to start or if its even possible. Thanks, Jim



Submitted by Roland on Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hi, well, this depends on what type of cards you have and what your design requirements are. Honestly speaking, for tasks like this I use my Windows or Linux installation with Libreoffice, select the label template (Avery etc.) and use my old old Optacon to read the screen and place the graphics. This may sound outdated but I have not come accross any accessible design tool on either platform. In the end, you'll need to check that all elements are nicely aligned, nothing overlaps etc. Even if you use a template with place holders it does not mean that the results look like the original layout. Avery has an online designer, may be this is what you are looking for - but only if your blank cards are Avery of course. /Roland

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Sunday, November 3, 2013

I would just use vista print. It's like $`0 for 100 cards. and someone can help you design the card, or at least make a pdf for you with the templet and you can give it to them. Take care.

but my question was not who would print them for me but if anybody has experience doing them. I have card stock and a great printer and I feel no need to pay somebody else to do it for me. I might need help getting them set up but them I could just print a few when I need them. Thanks, Jim

Submitted by Roland on Monday, November 4, 2013

What format are your blank cards in? May be the simple solution is to create a design on another platform - or ask someone to do it for you, create a PDF anstead of printing them, and then put this PDF on your MAC. This way you can print a sheet of cards whenever you need them.