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Ahoy there all.
I recently got myself a MacBook Pro 2015 I5 processor.
I have ben getting used to how the OS X works and all in all trying to get used to it.
The Guides on applevis have proved quite helpful however I do have a few questions the answers to which I couldn't find anywhere.
OSX has a systemwide spell checker, a good thing for people like me who couldn't spell their way out of a bucket. :d
First question, if I misspell a word, while writing how do I get a list of suggestions and choose the one I want?

Oh and, how would I go about disabling autocorrect, it does end up causing a lot of problems while taking notes and slowing me down far worse than wrong spellings do.

Thank you.



Submitted by Tyler on Monday, July 4, 2016

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

There are two ways, besides autocorrect, that I am aware of to get suggestions. One is to press command semicolon. This should bring focus to a misspelled word. Press VO Shift M for the list of suggestions and press enter or VO spacebar on the one you want. Repeat this process until you have corrected all of them.

The other way is to press command colon to open the spellcheck window. The misspelled word is displayed in a textfield that you can edit manually or you can navigate to the suggestions table and select a suggestion by moving to it and pressing enter. The next misspelling will appear until there are none left in the document.

To disable autocorrect, open keyboard preferences and select the, "Text," tab. Deselect the, "Correct spelling automatically," checkbox.


Submitted by falcon wings on Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Thank you loads.
Ever since I got this mac I have had nothing but questions. and this is one of the major ones out there,because I primarily use My mac to take notes and so on.
wouldn't VO plus m bring up the menubar,though?
Can't words be instantly corrected? I.E I am typing and I get a misspelled word ,is there a way I can arrow back to the word,and using whatever combinations of keystrokes and such correct the word?
Thank you.
p.s Is alex on a MacBook Pro sounds copy and slightly lags when writing or moving with arrow keys to read characters?
I5 processor 2015

Submitted by Jennifer W. on Sunday, July 3, 2016

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When Trying to open the side menu if you are using the macbook keyboard you also have to push the shift button along with VO M. So it would be VO shift M.

Thanks for asking the question I learned an easier way to spell check. Smile.

Submitted by falcon wings on Monday, July 4, 2016

Hello there

Its been a while and I have been playing around with my mbp, although I end up using the win8.1 on bootcamp far more than I do osx but that's ot so I won't go there.

VO shift m does bring up a menu where I have look up etc etc etc, but I haven't seen it give options to correct misspelled spellings I.E the the suggested words that it thinks I should insert instead of the misspelled one I am focused on.

What I've found is a bit cumbersome, but it works.

Misspell a word, I.E chalenge arrow back to the letter g and then aarrow back to the e, if you press down arrow once you'll be on the first suggestion and left and right arrow keys will move you through the suggestions if there are more than 1, pressing enter will replace the correct word with the wrong one.

IMO, I would find VO shift m easier to do if only I could get it to show me a list of replacement words.