Connect as another user / password to share in finder

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a seeing friend noticed a small area in mac finder, that appears whenever a network source is selected. There are two items "Connected user" und "connect as", where you can enter new connection information to the selected share - maybe the items are not exactly as I wrote: I trnslated from german.
The problem is: I cannot focus the connect-items with VO, they seem not to be accessible. Is there a way to make them accessible with VO? Where can I edit connection data alterenative?
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Submitted by Guenther on Tuesday, October 20, 2020

while searching for the missed elements for connection, disconnection and dissharing I found them by using the VOCR-tool.

I am very astonished about apple - they did not hold accessible their central tool finder. Visually impaired people cannot access these functions unless they know about VOCR.

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