COMING SOON: SHE NOIRE out tomorrow! Plus major update for Inquisitor 2 Audiogame Adventure 'The Village'

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Hello audiogamers!

Two great news!

SHE NOIRE!!! Only a few days and She Noire will be released!

Available starting from Friday, July 11th 2014, for PC and MAC, in early access at the special price of 14,90€! An incredible hidden object and adventure game... Something you’ve never tried before!

Ready to discover the hidden past of Sophia, policewoman by day and killer by night?


Stay tuned and get it as soon as you can: the early access price will be on for few days only!

About the Inquisitor 2 The Village: we still working hard to kill all remaining bugs... We’re very sorry for the problem of bugs of the first release, but, as you know, Satan works against the Inquisitor, putting his dark hand in it! But don't worry, with the next release all problems will be fixed!

Here it is the teaser:

The world is ready to play, so... let’s audiogame it!



Submitted by IV Productions on Monday, July 14, 2014

Hi all!

She Noire has been out just for a few days, and we have already received the first review of one of our most supportive audiogamers, William Lomas!

You can buy the game here:
Here you can hear the teaser:

For many people, the thought of investigating a crime and sinister plots behind it, including motives and other occurrences, is only a dream. This is not so tough now, with the new release of She Noire, the new game from TiconBlu, the publishers of such titles as The Inquisitor saga of games, and the more recent Audio Speed racing game, and Inquisitor's Heartbeat title.

One may ask though, do I need a police qualification to play?
Actually no! Simply your wits, logic and ability to find hidden objects -- That's right -- This game is the first in its class of audio games to be a hidden object title, where one is told what objects to locate to help progress the story, and then to explore the environment to find such objects -- but the game does not end there! At various points one has to combine objects with environmental elements to open doors, unlock objects etc., to again equip themselves with other useful elements.

The premise of the game is you, as a policewoman living in Trinitatis, have to investigate a murder to commence the title; why was this wealthy lady murdered?
Who did it, and why?
Then you are sent off exploring the sinister plot behind a central character and you become more involved in the plot as it progresses.

To control the title on PC and Mac, you use the 4 arrow keys to move one step at a time in the selected direction, and the space bar -- if you are near objects to pick up will give off a "ping" sound in the approximate direction of a nearby object. The control key will describe again the scene you are in, and shift key will tell you how many more objects you need to locate. Completed with rich dialogues and atmospheric effects, it's time to put your Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple and other detective hats on and crack this case -- The fate of the world is in "your" hands.

Oh, and that wind sound you hear? Will not "blow" you of course, :-), it's only an aid memoir to the player as a means of orientation.

Good luck officer!!

Thank you all for your feedback and support from Nebula and TiconBlu! And a special thanks to William!

She Noire:

Submitted by TIconBLU on Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hi all!

The new update of The Inquisitor 2 Audiogame Adventure PC/MAC is out!

If you already purchased the game, you can update it from…
otherwise you can buy it on our site:

You'll find minor bugs fixes, corrected thanks to your suggestions, but mainly we added a new feature: now you can select the items in the scene just using forward and back arrows, instead of TAB and SHIFT+TAB. So, you'll ask to God some help less *smile*

We hope you are going to enjoy it!
Now Inquisitor 2 Audiogame adventure "THE VILLAGE" really ROCKS! LAUDETUR!