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I am one of the few that opted for the Google Chromecast over the Apple TV, as it provides the easiest experience for me to play Netflix on any of my TV's with my current array of iOS devices. Additionally, there is no extra boxes around my TBV;s. However, there is an issue that I am not sure if it is Chrome's or Netflix's issue. When playing movies off of my Mac OS 10.9 with Chrome 30.0.1599... I am unable to find any of the control buttons. After interacting with the window, Voice Over states that it is an empty window. I know there should be the basic array of control buttons, and the most important Chromecast button. I can cast the tab through the toolbar, but this only includes the video aspect of the window and not the audio. Anyone have a guess as to the main culprit? I am guessing Netflix as they still have other accessibility items we work around. Otherwise, as I have not seen any other comments on Chromecast on this site, it is a nice little device. I was able to set it up without sighted assistance, from my Mac and iPhone. It is very limited at this point, but half the reason I picked it up is to play with some Droid devices in the near future.



Submitted by BlindEducator on Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hi, I don't know for sure about NetFlix on the Mac. But if it works simular as it does on the iDevices. You may need to select the video window like on iDevices in order to get the video controlers to show. When that happens, you'll need to act fast before the controlers are hidden again. But when you get the video controlers to show up, one of the options will be. Play where. And you'll have the choice of playing it on the device or what you named the ChromeCast. It will not say ChromeCast, or anything of the sort. But it will simply have the name of what you named it and that is all. HTH

I appreciate the response, but found that the problem is something different all together. I had my wife look at the screen when the movie started to play, and the option was simply not there at all. In fact, I could not get Voice Over to read anything in the movie player with Chrome. There is the Chrome Cast option in the toolbar, but that only sends the video aspect of the window to the Chrome Cast device, and not the audio parts. Guessing its time to approach Google Accessibility...

Submitted by BlindEducator on Thursday, November 14, 2013

I see the problem. Unless I'm misstaken if you're viewing something on the Chrome browser. All you're going to be sending is the picture. What ChromeCast does when on Chrome, is mirror the webpage that Chrome browser is displaying onto the television. If you want Netflix from my understanding to be on your TV using ChromeCast. You'll need to use the actual Netflix app. I don't know if Netflix has an OSX version of there app. But what you are discribing is exactly on how the Chrome browser and ChromeCast are suppose to be behaving. You may want to try other video services other then YouTube to see if you have the same behavior. I'm excluding YouTube, since it is part of Google and it might be part of the whole Google world. But from what you are discribing and from what I understand on how ChromeCast works. Your problem isn't a Google accessibility issue. HTH

Submitted by Luca on Friday, August 22, 2014

... as iI read that you have to input in the app a number that appears on the tv screen... beside that, i want to buy it because it seems less tlimited than apple tv, you can play divx files and other format which are not supported by apple tv..

Submitted by Daniel Angus M… on Monday, September 1, 2014

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you don't have to imput any code into the Chromecast. their is a code on the tv screen but all you do is double tap the "I see the code" button. then you select your wifi network and enter the password if need be. it will ask you to name the chrome cast, put whatever you want, and it downloads the latest chrome cast software. TalkBack will tell you to click continue when the update is downloaded. then you're good to go. all you do is select chrome cast from the notification area.

I have a problem with my Chrome cast though. I no this forum isn't for android but I wanted to share my experience. so when I set up the chrome cast, everything was working correctly. the tv was turned off without disconnecting my phone from the chrome cast. what should I do?

Submitted by Michael Hansen on Monday, September 1, 2014

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As you stated yourself in your above post, AppleVis is not an Android site; therefore, this is probably not the best place to post questions about Chromecast which do not relate specifically to using it with Apple products.

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