Changing settings in dropbox on the mac

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Hi All. Does anyone know how to change settings in dropbox on the mac without deleteing the whole app and install it again and do the install inside the package. I need to change email adress for my account and I can drag down the menu from the icon in the menubar and then hit preferences and then it's a blank window. I'm so frustrated with the accessibility of this app so I have stoped using it but a friend wants to share a folder for recordings we are doing. So, is there a way to change settings in any way I'm interested to know. The email adress is no longer in use so the invite dont work so therefore I need to change it. Regards Tony



Submitted by Esther on Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hi Tony, You don't change your account settings for Dropbox on your computer, whether you are running Mac or Windows; you make these changes, including the email address used for your account, by logging into your account on the Dropbox web site. 1. In Safari, go to the Dropbox web site: 2. You should be taken past the "Sign In" link to the text box for "Email" where you can type in the email address that you used when you created your Dropbox account. (If you are using QuickNav to navigate, remember to exit QuickNav mode before you try to type your login email address and password into the text fields). After navigating to the "Password" text box and typing in your password, press "return". 3. Once you are logged in, activate the link that has your name (just past the "Get free space" link), navigate to the "Settings" link and activate it (with VO-Space or by simultaneously pressing the up and down arrow keys if QuickNav is on). 4. Navigate to the "Account Settings" link and activate it. 5. Under the first section for "User info" you can make any changes to name, email, Facebook, or Twitter connections. In particular, there will be a "change" link you can use to enter your new email address. 6. Make any changes that you want to your user account settings, then navigate to the link with your name, activate it, and navigate to the "sign out" link to sign out from Dropbox. HTH. Esther

At a guess, since I don't know what you're running in terms of OS version or hardware, just try opening the downloaded dropbox.dmg file from your Downloads folder. For some reason, at least under Lion over the last half year and more, if you try to copy your dropbox.dmg to another folder, such as Applications, before opening the disk image, VoiceOver comes up blank. If you just open the disk image file directly from where you downloaded it (e.g., with Command-Down Arrow or Command-O) you'll get prompted to type in all the regular set up information, and the app will automatically install correctly.

Yep that's how I did it. It's too bad the selective synch is not accessible or I would have saved tons of space on my dropbox as there are some folders that do not need to be synched all the time. I have communicated with dropbox and sent an email to and communicated via the iPhone app but no go on this I guess. I have a youtube video about this and gave it to them but again no go. I have posted on the forms but you know the result by now.

Thank you Ester. I did that and log out and then back in to my account on the mac and all works fine. Regards Tony