Change the order of mail accounts in Apple mail

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Hi all. I like things the way I have them. When i rebuilt an email address it's one below where i used to have it. Is there a way to make it move up one? Thanks for any help.



Submitted by Chanelle on Friday, May 8, 2020

I experienced your problem the other day and used Google to find a solution of sorts. Disable all accounts, then re-enable them in the order in which they should appear. Dragging mailboxes around still might be necessary. Interact with the mailbox list, find the account and its containing folders which you want to drag, collapse the account name with VO-backslash, and then use the following drag procedure. Press VO-Command-F5 to route the mouse cursor to the VO cursor. Perform the mouse lock command with Command-VO-Shift-Space. Use VO-Up or VO-DOWN to find the correct location. Route the mouse cursor to the VO cursor and release the mouse with Command-VO-Shift-Space. I learned about dragging from the AppleVis article on Mac Mail
Hope this helps.

Submitted by Siobhan on Friday, May 8, 2020

Hi. Thanks, It's a bit more involved then I'd like but oh well. One more question, how do you change the display name? I have an email for my boyfriend and he obviously knows who sends it, so I wanted to be something like cute woman 101. If you can help with that, I'd appreciate it.

Submitted by Chanelle on Friday, May 8, 2020

To add or remove a display name, open Accounts in Mail preferences or Internet Accounts in System Preferences. Find your account in the accounts table and VO-Right to the Account Information tab. VO-Space if it is not already selected. Find the email address popup button, activate with Space or VO-Space, then choose Edit Email Addresses. Find and activate the Add button, which is to the right of the Accounts table. Press Shift-Tab to place your cursor in the name field. I have inadvertently typed my name in the email address column, and it was hard to fix. After typing your name, tab to the email address field/column, and press Enter when finished typing. If you do not type anything into the email address field, only your name will appear in your outgoing emails. When composing a message, find the From popup button and choose the name/email address combination you want. Note that if you remove a name/email address from the Accounts table, you need to activate the OK button for your change to take effect.
I hope that makes sense.


Submitted by peter on Friday, May 8, 2020

I believe that you can re-order mail accounts as well as mail folders using the following steps:

1. Keep hitting the "Bakc" button until you get to the highest level dialog in the Mail app. This will list all of your mail folders and accounts.
2. Hit the "Edit" button at the top right of the screen.
3. Now you will be presented with a list of mail folders, mail accounts (with sub folders), and other types of special folders like "Today", "Flagged", "Drafts", etc.
4. Under each of these items you will find a "Reorder" element. Using this you can re-order any of the folders or accounts to your liking.
5. similarly, by selecting or de-selecting any of the items you can show or hide the item in your list of mail folders and accounts.

Hope that helps. I have several e-mail accounts set up and ordered this way. I also show some special folders like "Inbox" (hwich collects the inboxes from all accounts into one place), "Flagged" (so I can easily find items that I flagged), etc.