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Can anyone recommend me a good CD ripping program for either Mac OSX or Windows10. Preferably one which will connect to a database to fill in all the track info so as I can convert all my CD's to Flak format?

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Submitted by ray h on Tuesday, June 16, 2020

There are many products out there on the market, ranging from free to paid and all claim to be "the best." I have ripped about 600 CDs and used iTunes on various Macs with VoiceOver. I adjusted all the setting for error detection, lossless in AIFF, ETC. When I have run checks on the ripped files, they compare perfectly to the original. iTunes does a good job with capturing all the track data. Often the database has multiple matches for a given CD and you need to take care to choose the right one (occasionally I do need sighted help here, but most time it's easy). And VO reads everything. The data for "artist" and "album artist" can sometimes cause the creation of multiple albums if there are many artists on one CD. In this case, you can check the "this is a compilation" box and it will create one album.
Happy to help if you have more questions.