Can't sync some apps to ITunes

macOS & Mac Apps


I am in the process of cleaning out my ITunes library to get rid of old apps I no longer use. After taking the following steps, I realize some apps fail to sync to ITunes. On top of this problem, the IOS app store thinks I still have an app on my phone, which ad already been removed. Here are the steps I took:

1. Plug IPhone into MAC; wait for ITunes to sync.
2. In ITunes, click the IPhone popup button; choose apps in the playlist table.
3. VO left to the apps scroll area and interact with the apps table.
4. Press the remove button for any apps to remove from the phone.
5. Press the "apply" button; wait for ITunes to sync.
6. Press the "more" popup button; choose apps from the resulting list of ITunes sources.
7. In the apps section, choose the apps radio button.
8. Interact with the apps table; delete any unwanted apps.

During steps 4 and 8, I realized that some apps were not in the lists of apps. Mainly the blindfold games and some other relationship helper apps. Choosing transfer purchases fails to copy the apps from the phone and checking for new downloads returns with nothing new to download. What should I do now?