can someone confirm for sure if i can use headphones to help me install windows 10?

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hi all, i tried, unsuccessfully to boot up my windows install and tried to access narrator, via bootcamp, wearing headphones but nothing happened. can anyone confirm it does work with a macbook air, mid-2013 13,3 inch, and what keys i have to press to kick narrator in to action? i have the fall edition of windows 10.



Submitted by Tree on Tuesday, January 9, 2018

I was not able to accessibly go through the set up any of the times I have installed windows in boot camp on my mac book pro 2016. I believe the issue is that you will only be able to get windows audio through the USB port until you finish the setup process and install all the audio drivers. I suggest buying a usb to 3.5 headphone out adapter and trying that. You should be able to get such an adaptor for a few bucks. I have one now, but I have not had a reason to reinstall windows since I got it. FYI, it sucks, but I was able to get through the setup screens with seeing AI's short text feature plus trial and error. It’s much better to just have the adaptor, it might also help you with some of the stupid audio driver issues apple has always had with bootcamp, that’s why I ended up getting one.