Can Internet Recovery be used with VoiceOver?

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Hi all,
I wanted to sell a MacBook Pro 13 inches mid 2010 which I owned, so I formatted the hard drive and tried to install El Capitan using an external hard drive, but it hangs after the Progress bar is at 99.8%.
I think I messed it all up when formatting, because instead of pointing the Cursor to "Macintosh HD" with the Cursor I went where it says the disk size.
So even tpressing the command+r while botting the Mac isn't apparently working, VoiceOver is silent anyway.
So my question is: can Internet Recovery be used without sighted help, or what could I try to do?



Submitted by Lielle ben simon on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hi! In older to recovery from the internet you must to do this site person because it isn't accessible for VoiceOver using.

Submitted by John W. hess on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Good day. Internet recovery is completely accessible via voiceover. When booting the machine hold down command-r until the chime stopps. wait about 1 minute and press command-f5. YOu should then have voiceover speech.

Submitted by Serena on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

hi. re the prev poster, i'm sorry, but using just the command r to enter recovery, unless the hard drive is completely without anything running, will not run internet recovery.
on the flip side, if the hard drive still has a working recovery partition, then you're laughing, and you won't need to use internet recovery anyway.

to run internet recovery, you need to hold down Command-Option-R on start up. i, how ever, have not tested this in terms of accessibility myself, so don't know how usable it is. but it's always worth a try.
the reason i say it may not be as usable, is that the recovery image isn't run first. you need to connect to the internet first. if you are running on a cable connection, or if it somehow automatically connects to your wi-fi, this might run for you, and given enough time for the recovery image to download, then you should get voiceover. otherwise, you might have a problem. i suspect the firmware based internet connection selection, won't have voiceover. but again, don't quote me. if somebody else has tested this, let us know.
also, keep in mind, that in order for it to run, it has to download a huge file. likely upwards of at least 6 or 7 gb, before you can get voiceover running via the internet run recovery image.
either way, good luck