can any one give me any free and accessible clock apps that will work on the mac?

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can any one give any free and accessible mac apps that will allow me to look at the time



Submitted by Chelsea on Monday, July 20, 2015


You can already do this easily with the voiceOver keyboard commander, but you just need to go in and enable it. To do this:

1. Open voiceOver Utility and navigate to the "Commanders" category.
2. Interact with the table of commands and check the box next to the T key. The menu should automatically say, "Run Applescript, time of day" which is in the VoiceOver scripts folder by default.

You can probably set the "Run AppleScript command" to any commander you want. The keyboard is just the standard one and is easiest to enable. because I don't know your level of Mac experience, I've tried to keep this post neutral, but let me know if you need any more details. This just makes your Mac speak the time and date upon request; you can change what the script says if you have experience with AppleScript. If you want a world clock-like app, I think you'll find that in the dashboard, but I always go to iOS for that sort of thing.


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