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Hello all,
I am using a 2016 Macbook Air from just before they did the refresh to the new Macbook pros. I have a difficult time at best trying to browse with safari on the Mac. Most times I can be going thru something word by word using option plus either right or left arrow and all of the sudden I get the dredded safari busy message. I will get stuck in some kind of loop where I keep going thru the same content over and over again while moving down the page using the down arrow. The only way I can browse Amazon is to turn off java script otherwise it is an absolute nightmare. Even when I use quick nav it seems really unreliable. I will move to a spot using quick nav that I want to copy and paste. When I start the selection process, it starts selecting something completely different than what I wanted it to. Does anyone have any advice on how to better use safari on the mac to navigate the web?

Greg Wocher



Submitted by Tree on Friday, October 27, 2017

My title sums it up. I used safari as my main web browser for years, and I always found it as your describing it. This does not really help your main issue, but I ended up using the copy last phrase, key stroke, VO shift c I believe. I'm talking from memory, because I don't use the mac any more. Good luck with your issues.

Submitted by Ekaj on Friday, October 27, 2017

I also use "Copy last phrase to clipboard," and it has worked well for me thus far. The command is VO-Shift-C. Regarding the "busy" messages, I have gotten those too. It seems that this happens on those websites that are cluttered and/or inaccessible, or that have inaccessible parts. I was recently asked to test out a new goal-tracking portal for an organization in which I'm involved. This site portal is not very accessible with Safari, and VoiceOver keeps announcing "Safari busy." The portal works a little bit better in Google Chrome, but the developers have a lot of work to do before I'd consider using it again independently. Anyway, I'm not exactly sure why the "busy" messages only seem to happen in Safari. Based on my experience it is mostly a good browser.

Submitted by Oliver Kennett on Friday, October 27, 2017

Yeah, I'm constantly having to find ways around safari's miserable performance, VO on and off, java toggle off, exiting the window and re-entering and the issue with the loops... I think that's actually new.

Apple needs to pull its finger out and sort safari out. It is sluggish, erratic and in no way a pleasure to use. We need continuity between websites, not work arounds for specific ones such as facebook or amazon.

To be honest, I think, as has been speculated before, Mac OS accessibility is falling by the wayside. I think most of the development is now on IOS where, you know what? you never get the safari busy message. I fear they don't see the need to invest in development for a platform which is soon going to dissolve into IOS, or over the next few years at least.

Google chrome isn't too bad if you can deal with VO not reading anything you put into text fields, though it's got it's own problems.

Generally I think VO is totally convoluted and over complicated for the mac and, I've used it so much, I've been blinded to the little tricks, fixes and nonsense necessities needed to use the OS.

Once they've got a spellcheck working on IOS, I'm moving to iPad for good.

In the meantime, I'm seriously considering a chrome-book which I believe handles web better because, well, that's all it does.


PS, thanks so much for the last phrase copy thing, that's very useful indeed.