booting from external volume, no speech, and some other questions

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Hi all,
I use time machine for backup, and I use superduper as a secondary backup, to have a bootable up to date copy of my machintosh hd drive. I have a couple questions, though. When starting from the bootable drive created with superduper, I don't get any sounds from the mac's speakers, I have to log in, then manually fix change the sound device, which causes the followng problem... Logging in to a mac without speach to tell you what's on the screen... is not that easy lol. Secondly, to those who use superduper with mac os catalina, have you noticed that when you backup your drives, where as in previous mac os versions after the after copy, section, it said, make, bootable? In mac os catalina, it is no longer saying this. Is it still making the drive bootable though? Also, has anyone else noticed that now, when you select copy from machintosh hd to, any external drive, the volume selected is not machintosh hd, but, machintosh hd, data? Just wandering if this was normal behavier. Thanks.



Submitted by Daniel Angus MacDonald on Tuesday, November 5, 2019

macOS Catalina runs under its own system, and your data is moved to the Macintosh HD Data partition.