bootcamping in macOS Catalina

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hello to all,

for a while, I have been macos only. reasently I've decided to bootcamp my mac again. however, I can't. it says I need at least 42 GB of diskspace. I've deleeted Logic and I thought that woould work. it doesn't. any suggestions?
should I reformat? Bootcamp always worked pre Catalina and because of the macintosh HD. Data partition, it doesn't work any more.


Have you checked Disk Utility

Have you checked Disk Utility to see how much space you have? Deleting apps might help a little but getting rid of media files is your best bet (e.g, videos, photos, the Logic projects along with the app).

If you want to use Windows for anything other than testing you'll need closer to around 100 GB to hold apps and updates.

disk utility information

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upon checking disk utility, it says I have 250.70 GB in Macintosh HD shared by six volumes.