Blind Quest free demo and major update available now!

Welcome back Wayfarer!

A new update is ready for Blind Quest: The Enchanted Castle.

We have listened to your feedbacks, we talked to the community and we also invited some selected users to actively play the new features before release.

We can proudly say that we changed the battle system completely: Blind Quest now features an active combat system that is faster and more engaging.

If you bought the game you can request your free update here:

If you are considering to purchase our fantasy audiogame, we are also releasing the free demo for Blind Quest: The Enchanted Castle, so that you can try it first-hand.

Download the demo now from here:


great update

hi! I like the battle control in this update.
but, the sound need to be have more strenthon and improve.

Thank you

Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad that this update is appreciated!

Problems installing the demo.

Hello. I haven't checked my original topic yet, but I thought I'd post here. After I unzip the file, and click Open, nothing seems to happen. I made sure it was ok through the security and privacy settings. I got the file yesterday. Would love to try this game.

mine is working fine

maybe try to restart your computer?
or what oporating system are you using

Mac OS

I downloaded the Mac version, and now I don't know what's up. I'm about to scrap the install file. If i can't work with it, then they don't deserve my money.

Hi Siobhan!

Hi Siobhan!
You can write an email describing your problem to:
From the last post I really can't think of anything... are you sure that the build is approved in the privacy settings?

How will that help?

I've given as clear instructions as i can. Yes, I am positive I allowed the app in privacy settings. What doesn't make sense, is if the app is open, why I can't even find it to start the installation. So given that you know all that, there's no point in sending the email because how else can this be resolved? I apologize for my temper on the earlier comment, I'm afraid my Irish temper took hold for a moment.