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First of all I would like to apologize if this topic is already covered somewhere in this forum. But I am quite new for Mac and OSX and would like to ask about the alternative file manager solutions people may recommend. I don't mean that finder isn't accessible for me. It is very nice for common tasks, when you just need to quickly open something either locally or remotely. The problem with it is that I cannot find any easy way to switch between several finder windows. For example, when I need to copy a set of files located in different folders in one place, I would open a target folder in a separate window, then create a new window, switch to it, locate and grab necessary stuff, and copy it to the target folder. Besides, I very often find myself in situations when I would like to have several folders opened and switch between them. If it could be done easily with finder, then OK, I will just appreciate if someone would tell me how to achieve that. If there is alternative tool for that, please, let me know about it. Thanks in advance!



Submitted by mehgcap on Friday, September 18, 2015

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This is easily done. Press command-n to open a new window, then browse to the folder you want. Your previous location is still open, and you can move through your open windows to find it with cmd-accent or cmd-shift-accent. I usually use the latter, simply to void hearing VoiceOver say "cycle through windows" with every press of cmd-accent. You can use tabs as an alternative, by replacing cmd-n with cmd-t and cmd-accent with control-tab (yes, control, not command). I don't find tabs to be any more useful than windows, though, so I usually don't bother. Both options will work, though.

Yes, that actually the root of the problem. I did noticed this keystroke in the finder's menu, but apparently it does not work for me. I tried using new windows and switching between them with command+accent and also tried tabbed interface witch ctrl+tab but neither worked for me. I am running Macbook Air 2014 with the current version of Yousimite. Maybe the problem is that I use Russian localised version of the OS and because of that keystroke is broken.... :(