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Hello everyone,
What is the best way to have windows on a Mac? I am curious because I am wanting to do web accessibility testing and I want to be able to test multiple platforms on one machine. I am thinking using windows with VM Fusion would be the way to go so I can quickly switch between testing with JAWS or NVDA on windows and back to voiceover on the Mac. What are peoples thoughts on this?

Greg Wocher



Submitted by Joseph Westhouse on Monday, August 1, 2016

It really depends on your needs. If you're just wanting to do word processing and the like, I'd recommend using a VM through something like VMWare Fusion. You get the convenience of having all your Mac apps at your fingertips (for me, still being able to access my Messages app makes life much more convenient), and don't have to worry about partitioning your hard drive.

However, if you're going to be doing anything more processor-intensive, such as gaming for example, you should probably consider running Windows natively through Bootcamp. In my personally experience, I am helping develop a PC game that was simply not performing well in my VM, so I decided to go ahead and set up Windows through Bootcamp. The game performs flawlessly, and it may in fact be the fastest Windows experience I've ever had, though I'm sure part of that is due to the fact that my Mac is my first computer with a solid-state drive. This also means reboots are very fast, which alleviates the inconvenience of having to reboot in order to switch between operating systems.

Anyway, those are your options, and it really depends on what you're going to be doing. If you have disk space to spare and don't mind not having immediate access to your Mac apps if you're using Windows, then Bootcamp is the better option - there's no additional cost, and your performance will definitely be better across the board. But if your needs won't put undue stress on your processor in a VM and you want the convenience of switching between Mac and Windows without rebooting, a VM may be your preferred choice.

Hope that helps! I'm happy to share more from my experience if you need.

Submitted by Joseph Westhouse on Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I don't have any direct experience with Parallels, but I believe I've read that its interface is not accessible? I could be wrong, however. Either way, whether you use VMWare Fusion, or Parallels, or any other virtualizing software, the pros and cons should be pretty much the same as what I laid out above.

Submitted by shuteye on Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hey all, I've also gotten a new mac, and have decided to go with fusion 8 and a windows 10 virtual machine. I used Seil to remap my caps lock key to "f13", and installed sharp keys on windows and remapped "f13" to caps lock so I can use it with windows screen readers, but I'm still not getting caps lock functionality. Any thoughts?