Best way to open and run Pearl scripts on Mac, running Big sur?

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I'm in the process of trying to get my passwords out of icloud keychain and into 1password.
Someone created a converter suite to do this, but several people, including me, were having issues with it, so he creaated a Pearl script, which does the same thing.
I found the script, and am attempting to run it.
It opened in xcode by default, but I couldn't figure out how to run it, so told it to open in ScriptEditor, but that won't work either.

Can anyone advise me how best to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance.



Submitted by neosonic2 on Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Perl has traditionally been a scripting language used on the command-line of Linux and Unix environments, and since macOS is built on top of a flavor of Unix called BSD, it ships with everything needed to write and run Perl scripts, including a handy command-line environment called Terminal. Thus, you can easily run your Perl script in Terminal by invoking it on the command line.

To do so, open Terminal by navigating to your Applications folder (in Finder), then to the Utilities folder, and then to the Terminal application. Once opened, go back to Finder, highlight the Perl script you wish to run, and press Cmd+C to copy the full path of the highlighted script to the clipboard. Next, return to Terminal, type "perl" followed by a blank space, and press Cmd+V to paste the full path of your script into the Terminal window. Finally, press the Enter or Return key to execute the script.

Note: If you know your script will need administrator privileges, type the word "sudo" followed by a blank space before you type "perl" and paste the path to your script (see above). When you press Enter or Return, you will be prompted for your current macOS user password and then, if entered correctly, the script will execute with administrator privileges. Be aware that, as a security measure, no text will be displayed on-screen while entering your password.

For additional information about running Perl scripts on the command line, type "man perl" into an open Terminal window and then press Enter or Return to display the Perl 5 Language Interpreter manual page.

Submitted by Skippy on Wednesday, December 30, 2020

i tried waht you said, but I got a, "Command not found" error.
I typed exactly waht you said, and entered my password, when prompted.
As soon as I gave my password, it errored out.

what else can I try?
Can someone please try to find the link to the script?
I posted on Reddit, and someone from 1password support, said they'd try it, but wasn't sure where the script lived.
I responded, and told him, that its somewhere on their forums.
I've been trying to find it via Google search, but it won't come up.

Thanks for any and all assistance with this matter.