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Hey all, For the life of me I can't figure this out. I finally came across the Google Group Macvisionaries which is all about voiceiver and the mac. The group is fairly inaccessible using safari and VO to browse, sometimes I get lucky and using the auto webspots heading will take me to the content, other times auto web spots will not find the message in the group. Using Headers, links, etc doesn't take you to the content. I have become a member of the group, and now receive the content via email but in the digest form which takes forever to navigate as there is so much content. Additionally I did not want to sign up to receive every message as an email as there would be 100s of messages a day sent to my gmail inbox. Seeing all the people who post in the group, I can't understand how I can't figure out how to navigate this group. Please help. Are people subscribing to the group for individual emails and setting up some kind of rules in their mailbox to send the content to a different mailbox? If anyone could please tell me what is working for them to navigate the content, I would greatly appreciate it, as it looks like they have some fantastic content. Wish all sites were as easy to navigate as AppleVis with VO. Thanks



Submitted by Kevan on Saturday, July 28, 2012

Here's how I just switched back to a more accessible and older version of the Groups website. GO to Navigate down until you find the part about using the new Google Groups, and find the link to switch back to the old one. Press it. I'm not sure if this is permanent as I've had to do it once before now, but it's at least something. I'm afraid Google will soon do away with the old and accessible version of groups, so try and move as far away from Groups as you can, for now. HTH.

Submitted by blindgator on Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hey Kevin, just wanted to say thanks as I have switched to the old groups, I still wonder how everyone else is doing it as I can't be the only one having so many problems navigating Google Groups