Beginner Mac and VoiceOver users

macOS and Mac Apps
For those folks who are starting off learning the Mac with VoiceOver, the following links to the Vision Australia Adaptive Technology podcasts page may be of some assistance. If you start with the Snow Leopard link )which introduces you to the Mac and VoiceOver), and then move on to the Lion and Mountain Lion links (which go through the new features of each OS), you will hopefully end up with a good understanding of the Mac and VoiceOver. If you are listening to these podcasts on a Mac that has Mountain Lion installed, the Control+Option+MMM command to take you to Spotlight is no longer available. In addition, on the Status menu (called Extra's menu in Mountain Lion), Control+Option+Space is required to access the drop-down menus. Here are the three links: Snow Leopard: Lion: Mountain Lion: Hope you find these of assistance. David